Meet Badger, Pebble & Goose

Badger, Pebble & Goose


2.5 years

This cute trio of ratties would be great for more experienced ratty carers. Badger is quiet nervous and worried about a lot of things. Goose is friendly, inquisitions, but a little grabby with food because he struggles a little with sight. He will tolerate bum tickles. Enjoys when you speak to him in a silly high pitch voice. Pebble likes to softly “test bite” and is also a little skittish. He likes to explore and is the most active. Frequently builds nests for badger to use! The boys are all a little overweight so need to be fed a lower energy diet.

Interested in adopting Badger, Pebble & Goose? Scroll down to see our requirements for rats and to register your interest.

Key basic requirements

If you want to apply to adopt guinea pigs, please ensure you have the following:

To consider you as a rat adopter we require you to meet these welfare standards as a minimum. We are happy to advise on cages, diet, enrichment and just about anything else before you dive into buying new things for you rats. 

Please remember that pet shops and generally poorly informed and put profit before animal welfare so accept their guidance with caution. Often, cages marketed as ‘extra large’ are below even the basic minimum welfare requirements. 

Even if you have kept rat before, please take a read through our rat care information page linked below as welfare standards improve often. 

A large cage, with suitable bar spacing, non-mesh flooring, lots of climbing space

Identified a suitable exotics vet near you and how you will fund emergency vet treatment

Correct knowledge on rat nutrition and diet

Suitable enrichment, toys and activities

Be able to provide a home to multiple rats as they cannot be kept alone

Property owner's permission to keep rats (if renting)

Considered who will care for rats when you are away on holiday

Register your interest

Please include as much information as possible. We put great effort into selecting the best home so we don't reserve an animal until the final stage of the adoption process.