Rat Requirements

Our requirements for adopting rats

To consider you as a rat adopter we require you to meet these welfare standards as a minimum. We are happy to advise on cages, diet, enrichment and just about anything else before you dive into buying new things for you rats. 

Please remember that pet shops and generally poorly informed and put profit before animal welfare so accept their guidance with caution. Often, cages marketed as ‘extra large’ are below even the basic minimum welfare requirements. 

If you are new to rats, please take a read through our rat care information page linked below.

Rat Care Information

Key basic requirements

If you want to apply to adopt rats, please ensure you have the following:

  • A large cage, with suitable bar spacing, non-mesh flooring, lots of climbing space.
  • Identified a suitable exotics vet near you
  • Correct knowledge on rat nutrition and diet
  • Suitable enrichment, toys and activities
  • Be able to provide a home to multiple rats as they cannot be kept alone
  • Property owner’s permission to keep rats (if renting)
  • Considered who will care for rats when you are away on holiday

How to adopt from us

Contact us

Contact us either by email, facebook or by filling in a contact form stating a bit about yourself, which animal(s) you’d like to apply for and your background. 


If we think you might be a good fit, we will send you a link to our online application form to learn more about the home you have to offer.


If your applications look okay we will  need photos of your intended set up at this stage. This might be followed up by an in person or virtual home check.

Animal Adopt Form