Meet Merry and Pippin

Merry and Pippin


2 years

Merry and Pippin are a lovely pair of friendly, young and healthy bunnies who would make great companions. They are both neutered and health checked. As they are so well bonded, friendly and good at eating their hay they would be a good option for first time bunny parents.

Interested in adopting Merry and Pippin? Scroll down to see our requirements for rabbits and to register your interest.

Key basic requirements

If you want to apply to adopt rabbits, please ensure you have the following:

To consider you as a rabbit adopter we require you to meet these welfare standards as a minimum. We are happy to advise on set-ups, diet, enrichment and just about anything else before you dive into buying new things for you rabbits. 

Please remember that pet shops and generally poorly informed and put profit before animal welfare so accept their guidance with cation. Often, their cages marketed as ‘extra large’ are below even the basic minimum welfare requirements. 

Even if you have kept rabbits before, please take a read through our rabbit care information page linked below as welfare standards improve often. 

An enclosure of at least 90 square feet on a single level, secure for access 24/7

They must never be shut into a hutch or cage, even at night or when you are out

Identified a suitable exotics vet near you and how you will fund emergency vet treatment

Correct and up to date knowledge on rabbit nutrition and diet

Suitable enrichment, toys and activities

Be able to provide a home to multiple rabbits as they cannot be kept alone

Property owner's permission to keep rabbits (if renting)

Considered who will care for rabbits when you are away on holiday

Register your interest

Please include as much information as possible. We put great effort into selecting the best home so we don't reserve an animal until the final stage of the adoption process.