Meet Lucifer



5 years

Luci is a very affectionate boy who craves company and will want to be with you whenever your home, he will come and sit at your feet and nudge you for a pat. He really loves affection especially a pat on his head!

Luci will respond to his name and “good boy” especially if your stroking his head gently!
He is used to being able to roam free and is not keen to be fenced in however, he is a very clean boy who is well litter trained bar the occasional loose raisin! Luci can be a bit of a chewer but we doubt this would be a big issue if he had companionship.

Luci can take a little time to settle and feel secure, after losing his life partner change was difficult for him but with time and patience he has come out of his shell and his true character has shown through into a fun loving affectionate rabbit with amazing binkies!

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