Guinea pigs

Meet Nugget & Puff

Nugget & Puff


2.5 years

Nugget (ginger) is the louder and more confident of the pair. He loves to burrow under fleece blankets for a nap but will trot out to say hello and check what’s happening if anyone walks in the room. He’s a great timekeeper as will wheek loudly if his morning veggie drop doesn’t happen exactly on schedule (or if he just fancies a treat).

Puff (Black) is a more timid pig. He likes to have a box or big pile of hay to retreat into but is an inquisitive boy and can easily be coaxed out with a little patience and some of his favourite salad leaves. He is happy to follow Nugget on his adventures and is getting more confident exploring on his own.

The pair come with a bit of health history (which can be detailed upon enquiry) so guinea pig carers with experience would be best suited to them.

Interested in adopting Nugget & Puff? Scroll down to see our requirements for guinea pigs and to register your interest.

Key basic requirements

If you want to apply to adopt guinea pigs, please ensure you have the following:

To consider you as a guinea pig adopter we require you to meet these welfare standards as a minimum. We are happy to advise on cages, diet, enrichment and just about anything else before you dive into buying new things for your guinea pigs. 

Please remember that pet shops and generally poorly informed and put profit before animal welfare, so accept their guidance with caution. Often, cages marketed as ‘extra large’ are below even the basic minimum welfare requirements. 

Even if you have kept guinea pigs for years, please take a read through our guinea pig care information page linked below as welfare recommendations often change with new research. 

A large cage, aiming for 16 square feet for a pair. More space will be needed for larger groups

We always recommend and prefer 'C&C' style enclosures

Identified a suitable exotics vet near you and how you will fund emergency vet treatment

Correct knowledge on guinea pig nutrition and diet

Suitable enrichment, toys and activities

Be able to provide a home to multiple guinea pigs as they cannot be kept alone

Property owner's permission to keep guinea pigs if renting

Considered who will care for guinea pigs when you are away on holiday

Register your interest

Please include as much information as possible. We put great effort into selecting the best home so we don't reserve an animal until the final stage of the adoption process.