Help care for animals in need

Join our foster network

We organise a network of foster homes around Edinburgh for unwanted and abandoned rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters and other small furries.

By becoming a fosterer you’ll give animals the love and attention they deserve during their adoption journey.

We support our fosterers

All new fosterers are welcomed and well supported by the Collective Animal Rescue team.

What we provide?

We cover all vet bills

We lends out basic equipment

Provide 24/7 support and advice

Help with transporting animals

What does it take to foster?

Space in your home to host an animal

Knowledge about small animal care

Able to commit for at least 6 months

Time to devote to caring for animals

Permission to keep animals in your home

Compassion, patience and willingness to learn

Live within 30 minutes from the centre of Edinburgh

What do our fosterers say?


“It’s been really great seeing all the different personalities and it’s really special to see how some of them have changed from when I start fostering them up until they go to their fur-ever home. Sometimes they come from some not too nice situations and all they need is a little love and care and they really start to shine. 

It’s always hard to see them go because I grow to love each and every one I foster, even if I only have them for a couple of weeks or sometimes months, but I know they’re going to an even better home.”


“I got involved with Collective Animal Rescue after one of my guinea pigs passed away. I wasn’t ready to adopt another guinea pig straightaway but had a spare cage.

Fostering has been a very rewarding experience as you get help an animal in need and in the process you get to know their individual character.”

Interested in joining the team?

We are often looking to expand our team. We rely on volunteers to foster, transport, fundraise and promote the rescue. 

If you’d be interested in getting involved please fill in the form below and specify the area in which you are able to help out with.

What to consider before applying?

Can you commit to an animal for 6+ months?

Are you willing to learn and research about animal care and follow our advice?

Do you have permission from your property owner to house a small animal?

Why do you want to become a fosterer?

Help Rabbits like Eric

Eric was kept alone in a small hutch with little attention, care or time to stretch his legs. He was overweight when he came into us from a poor diet of muesli and carrots, lack of space to exercise and his coat was in a bad way. 

Eric went to live with a bunny named Clover in The Highlands in an amazing, natural, 20ft outdoor enclosure.

Help piggies like Choccy

Choccy came in with his brother but the pair had been separated for years due to them fighting when they reached adolescence. 

He needed urgent veterinary attention for a strange abscess on his chin. This really stretched the rescue financially but he is now in a stable condition and hoping to find a home with another pig.

Help rats like Lady Grey

Lady Grey was taken in when she was found by a lady who saw that someone was about to realise her into the wild. This would have been a certain death for a domesticated rat.

Lady Grey went off to live in Glasgow who had a group of 5 rats already. She is loving her new life with friends and has got her bounce back for sure!