Animals depend on your support

Donate to help animals

We are entirely funded by donations

We are not for profit so need your support to continue helping animals. Vet bills are extremely expensive but equipment and transport also make running costs high.

Where does your money go?

100% of donated money goes towards running the rescue. We are ran by a team of volunteers.

Vaccinations & health checks

Emergency vet treatment


New equipment and enclosures

Food, toys and enrichment

Donate to help guinea pigs

How you can help

One off donation

You can use card payment to make a single one off donation to Collective Animal Rescue.

Just click the link, decide how much to donate and pay by card.

Monthly donation

A recurring monthly payment lets us expand so we can care for more animals.

Click below to create a GoCardless mandate, then just contact us to let us know how much you’d like to give.

Other ways to help

If you’d like to hold a fundraiser for us we would be very grateful and will ensure any funds raised are put you good use.

We are happy to support you in anyway we can.


Animal masks for sale

Adult size with child sizes available upon request

Metal nose strip and elastic can be adjusted for a snug fit

Posted to anywhere in UK, free of charge

£6 per mask, 100% of your money go towards rescue running costs

Animal Print Masks Charity