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Adopt Rabbits

“We had a fantastic experience adopting from Collective Animal Rescue. We felt very supported and were given lots of great advice before, during and after the adoption.” 

Rabbits are active and clever animals who, although challenging, can make great companion animals. Their needs are extremely complex and having happy and content rabbits requires research, time, money and commitment. They are not simple starter pets like pet shops would have you think and cannot live in a hutch or cage. 

Why do we say adopt don't shop

Animals in pet shops are bred in bad conditions, meaning their health is often poor, temperaments can be unpredictable and you’re funding highly unethical mass breeding. 

Rescues all over the UK are struggling with unwanted animals. Why add to the problem of overpopulation when there are so many lovely animals waiting for their forever homes in foster care? 

  • Pet shops get their 'stock' animals from highly unethical rodent mills which are horrible places! Vote with your money and don't support it!
  • Give the many unwanted or abandoned animal a second chance at a good life.
  • Rescues will give you support and guidance throughout the process and beyond!
  • Know the animal before adopting. We will pair you up with an animal which is right for you based on their personality.

Rabbits in need of homes


Merry and Pippin


2 years


Merry and Pippin are a lovely pair of friendly, young and healthy bunnies who would make great companions.




4.5 years


Evan is a very loving and friendly boy who adores strokes.

How to adopt from us

Contact us

Contact us either by email, facebook or by filling in a contact form stating a bit about yourself, which animal(s) you’d like to apply for and your background. 



If we think you might be a good fit, we will send you a link to our online application form to learn more about the home you have to offer.


If your applications look okay we will  need photos of your intended set up at this stage. This might be followed up by an in person or virtual home check.

How do i provide a Great Rabbit home?

Rabbits are highly active and require at least a 90 square foot enclosure 24/7 and must NEVER be shut into a hutch or cage, even at night, The larger, the better for their cage. They love it crammed full of toys, obstacles, tunnels and chews. . Here are our three top tips: 

  • Rabbits need rabbit friends! Never keep a lone rabbit
  • Specialist healthcare - access to exotics vet and correct diet including unlimited quality hay
  • Stimulation and fun - a range of exciting digging, tunnelling and foraging activities.