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Why we say ‘Adopt don’t Shop’

Animals in pet shops are, without exception, sold as products – they’re just stock, same as a cage or a bag of food and they deserve more respect than that.

Animals in pet shops are bred in bad conditions, meaning their health is often poor, temperaments can be unpredictable and you’re funding unethical mass breeding. Voting for this with your money means the practise will go on, the only way to stop rodent mills from existing is to stop funding them!

Even if they were kept in palaces in breeding farms, it wouldn’t fix the fundamental issues with having a profit-making enterprise acting as a middleman between buyer and breeder. It can’t be done ethically.

Rescues all over the UK are struggling with unwanted animals. Why add to the problem of over-population when there are so many lovely animals waiting for their forever homes in foster care? 

Adoption Process

Contact us

Contact us either by email, Facebook or by filling in a contact form stating a bit about yourself, which animal(s) you’d like to apply for and your background. 

Complete forms

If we think you might be a good fit, we will send you a link to our online application form to learn more about the home you have to offer.

Home check

If your applications look okay we require photos of your intended set up at this stage. This will be followed up by an in person or virtual home check.

Rabbit Care

Rat Care

Guinea Pig Care

Hamster Care

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