About us

What is Collective Animal Rescue?

Guinea Pig

We’re a little bit different to most rescues

We don’t have a central rescue facility or premises. Instead we organise a network of foster homes around Edinburgh for unwanted and abandoned rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters and other small furries.

Spreading knowledge about small animal welfare and debunking common pet misconceptions is a vital part of our work. We are non-profit, volunteer ran and rely on your generous donations to continue our work. 

What do we believe?

We always home check

Adopters must meet or exceed welfare requirements

We are against the breeding and selling animals

Social animals are happily bonded with suitable companions

We have a no-kill policy, we won’t ever put down healthy animals

We do not receive money from pet retailers and rely entirely on public donations

All rabbits are neutered and fully vaccinated prior to adoption

We pair animals up with their perfect forever homes and pride ourselves on having extremely high welfare expectations.


Meet our team




Britt founded Collective Animal Rescue with the desire to directly help animals in tricky situations.

She has experience and knowledge with a wide variety of animals and is responsible for overseeing the network of foster homes. Since becoming vegan in 2013, she has become even more passionate about the care and wellbeing of animals and the relationship humans have with them. 


Social Media


Victoria is a vital part of the team as they looks after our social media and helps promote animals in need of homes.

They are currently studying to become a vet at The University of Edinburgh and is great at providing the rescue with the latest information on animal welfare, behaviour and health! They also provide up to date welfare and health advice to our fosterers and social media following. 


Guinea Pig and Rat Fosterer


Amy was one of the first fosterers at the rescue. She often takes care of rats, guinea pigs and chinchillas. They have great empathy and concern for her foster babies care, providing a warm and fun place to stay for animals while they’re searching for forever homes.

Amy also runs The Plant Patisserie making delicious vegan cakes.

Guinea Pig fosterer

Hamster, Rat and Guinea Pig Fosterer


Amanda was one of the first people ever to adopt from the rescue. Now a few years later, they fosterer hamsters, rats and guinea pigs and is a very kind and compassionate carer. They also have a lovely group of rats as permanent residents!

Guinea pig fosterer

Guinea Pig Fosterers

Sam and Fillip

Sam and Fillip foster guinea pigs and are becoming real experts in their antics and behaviours. They are understanding and patient with their fosters and really take time to work out individual personalities. 

Want to get involved?

We rely on our team of fosterers and drivers to care for unwanted and abandoned animals. We provide our volunteer team with:

27/7 support and guidance

Cages and equipment

Help with transport

Covering the costs of vets bills

As a non-profit, volunteer ran rescue, 100% of money raised or donate goes towards our running costs, such as vets bills, transport and equipment.

Adopt a Rat

Help Rabbits like Finn…

Finn was bundled into a very small hutch with nine other rabbits, with barely enough space to turn around. 

He was surrendered to us with his ‘brother’, (who turned out to be a girl, Isa). Luckily she wasn’t pregnant. 

…and guinea pigs like Basil

Basil was a loved family pet, but after his cagemate passed away at a young age, he needed to find a new home with guinea pig company. 

It’s so important guinea pigs have company, so we are happy he finally found a home with a friend who he gets on well with.

…and hamsters like Mini

Mini came to us in a cage which was far too small for her. After a young lady bought her and several other hamsters from a pet store, she reached out to us as she realised she wasn’t equipped to look after them. 

We quickly got Mini into a larger cage with a working wheel and water bottle, she was very pleased with the new set up.