Collective Animal Rescue Edinburgh

You can’t change their past but you can rewrite their future

Small animal rescue edinburgh

We are a Small Animal Rescue

We are an ethical rescue who take in rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters and other small rodents in Edinburgh, Scotland. We promote high welfare standards and strive to increase understanding and care for all small companion animals.

We always home check, health check and neuter & vaccinate rabbits as standard and strive to find forever homes that exceed welfare standards. We are non-profit and entirely volunteer ran.

Rabbit rescue Edinburgh

Want to get involved?

We rely on our team of fosterers and drivers to care for unwanted and abandoned animals. We provide our volunteer team with:

27/7 support and guidance

Cages and equipment

Help with transport

Covering the costs of vets bills


We rely on donations and fundraising to keep our important animal rescue work going. Without you we wouldn’t be able to keep going!

As a non-profit, volunteer ran rescue, 100% of money raised or donate goes towards our running costs, such as vets bills, transport and equipment.

Rat rescue edinburgh
guinea pig rescue edinburgh

Interested in Adopting?

There is still a big misconception that animals in rescues have something ‘wrong’ with them, but this is not the case at all! Many animals in rescues are there through no fault of their own. Common reasons include:

Children loosing interest

Having to move away for work

Mental or physical health struggles

Fall outs between previously bonded animals

Adopting isn’t just an ethical choice, there are many other benefits too.

“I would not hesitate to recommend adopting from Collective Animal Rescue. They have been a great support and guide from the moment of contact, right through the adoption process and are there to answer any questions we had.”

Guinea Pig Care

Rabbit Care

Rat Care


Animal masks for sale

Adult size with child sizes available upon request

Metal nose strip and elastic can be adjusted for a snug fit

Posted to anywhere in UK, free of charge

£6 per mask, 100% of your money go towards rescue running costs